Common Concrete Problems

When to Hire a Concrete Contractor

We all know concrete is a versatile, green and resistant material, and therefore, it is a commonly used for both exterior and interior construction. However, if you are not an expert, it can be hard to identify a concrete problem; in this blog post, we will explain to you how to identify the most common problems and when to contact a concrete contractor.

Pouring concrete When you pour concrete in one continuous pour, all of the concrete should be the same color unless you have intentionally added a high quality color pigment. Dark or light splotches in your
concrete may be caused by variations in the concrete placing or finishing operations. Sometimes, it can be also caused by finishing concrete too soon or too late, or even by excessive, hard troweling.

The second most common problem is scaling, and this generally starts with a small area, but expands as the concrete surface begins to flake or peel away. Scaling can be caused by faulty concrete finishing or workmanship. You can prevent this problem by waiting until the water has evaporated or is removed to continue the job. Waiting for a couple of hours until the concrete is totally dry can make all the difference.

Dusting is the third and last of the problems that can occur on concrete; portions of concrete with heavy traffic are more prone to dusting. There are many reasons for this to occur; for example, too much water on the cement mixture or an inadequate amount of cement poured on the surface. When you detect heavy dust on your concrete, you should certainly call a reliable concrete contractor, and he will get it fixed for you very fast.

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